Our Process


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The initial interaction with the Genesis Aerial Exploration team will be part of a multi-staged process. First, our team shall establish each project’s desired outcomes, key milestones, and goals. Followed by a robust communication and project plan, outlining key milestones and deliverable dates.

As part of the process our team shall identify and incorporate the participation of strategic partners that will contribute to the technical requirements, soliciting bids where appropriate.

The contract shall proceed under clear fiscal parameters and any third-party costs shall be approved by each client prior to committing to expenditures.



Prior to engagement, our team shall meet to understand the technical and regulatory requirements of each project. Each aspect of the project shall be itemized along with each objective and how they fit into the corporate strategy, identifying available data sets, resources, timing, and budget.


Project Design

During the design phase, our team shall establish the types of technology/survey requirements, jurisdiction, physical parameters, personnel, logistical requirements, and communications the project requires.

Additionally, develop a list of service providers required to complete the project and engage strategic partners where necessary and engage approved third-party service providers.

Finally, establish timing and schedule deliverable, mitigating unnecessary costs and standby charges.


Identify Deliverables

Based upon consultation with both client and strategic partners/service providers, a comprehensive suite of deliverables both in terms of data set to be acquired, as well as type of processing, interpretations and data type shall be identified. Our team shall schedule a review prior to finalizing the report and deliver the project in the form and style that conforms to each client’s requirements.


Contract Terms

Prior to initiating the engagement, both parties shall enter a formal contract defining the responsibilities, undertakings, deliverables and timing. The financial consideration shall also be included with associated payment terms and milestones.

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